Report Indonesia Accounting Fair 15

This year Indonesia Accounting Fair took place on February 17 to 21, 2014. This time, IAF brought out “Adoption IFRS 13 and IFRS 9 : implication and implementation in Indonesia” as its topic. IAF 15 chose this topic to increase awareness and knowledge of future accountants of the upcoming adoption of these 2 IFRS that will have great impact on industries in Indonesia, including banking, insurance, and securities industries. On, February 17th Indonesia Accounting Fair held its seminar at Auditorium FEUI that invited Danil S Handaya, Geger N Maulana, Rosita Uli Sinaga, Hamid and Djohan Pinnarwan. In the first session, Danil S Handaya from EY explained the overview of IFRS 13 and IFRS 9 also the new fair value measurement. In the second session, Geger N Maulana from PT BNI Life Insurance explained the implications and challenges insurance sector faces in adopting these 2 IFRS. The last session is consisted of talks from Rosita Uli Sinaga, Hamid and Djohan Pinnarwan. This seminar is closed by mini talkshow among the speakers about the future impact of IFRS 13 and IFRS 9 adoption from different point of views.

While on February 18th, 2 sessions of training were held at Ruang Seminar, 5th Floor, Central Library of Universitas Indonesia. The trainings were guided by two IFRS experts, John Edison Regalado and Merliyana Syamsul. Participants were trained valuation techniques and methodologies in measuring fair value, especially for financial instrument. In the last session, participants were also taught how to disclose informations regarding measurement of fair value in a financial statement and how to analyze it.

On Wednesday, participants were brought to Deloitte and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan for company visit. On the same day, the technical meeting for paper and accounting competition also Gala Dinner were held. On Thursday, 39 short-listed teams from accross Indonesia and tens of universities competed through series of tests. Not only written tests but teams had to go through series of stages in amazing race to bring out the best 8 teams that would be competing the next day.

On February 21st, finals for accounting competition and paper competition were held at Campus of Faculty of Economics.  The best 5 teams of paper competition had the opportunity to present their papers about the readiness of a particular industry in Indonesia in facing implementation of IFRS 13 and IFRS 9. The semi-finals for accounting competition was case study prepared by IAF FEUI. For the final, 4 qualified teams were competing to gain most score from the 3 stages; ‘Cepat Tepat’, ‘Pandora Box’, and ‘Bid and Win’. IAF FEUI series of events was closed by announcement of competition winners and trophies presented to the winners.

Finally, SPA FEUI would like to congratulate the winners from IAF FEUI Accounting Competition and Paper Competition :


Accounting Competition 1st Winner

Universitas Surabaya ( team Albert etc )

Accounting Competition 1st Runner-Up    

Universitas Parahyangan ( team Melissa etc )

Accounting Competition 2nd Runner-Up

STIE Trisakti ( team Susanty etc )

Accounting Competition 3rd Runner-Up  

Universitas Surabaya ( team Liliani etc )


Paper Competition 1st Winner  

Universitas Indonesia ( Fabiola & Chyntia )

Paper Competition 2nd Winner  

Universitas Indonesia ( Anindya & Sunti )

Paper Competition 3rd Winner

Universitas Bina Nusantara


Congratulations to all winners and thank you for all participants of IAF FEUI 15! See you in IAF FEUI 16 and MAKE IT BLOOM!

Mentoring + Mindmap UTS 2013/2014

Kunci Jawaban Mentoring Akuntansi Manajemen UTS - Kunci Jawaban Mentoring AM UTS (79)

Mindmap SIM UTS - Mindmap SIM UTS (99)

KPMG Indonesia

KPMG Indonesia_2

KPMG Indonesia, one of largest public accounting firm in the world is recruting for new associates in audit. the recruitment will be held on:

Date : 15th April 2014

Place : Auditorium Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia

Time : 13.00 wib – 17.00 wib

For those who are interest, kindly fill the online form @ and register your name by short message to the contact person.

If there any question, feel free to contact:

Dion (081282231301)

Almira (082113972197)


Thank you.

New Coming Days SPAfeui 2014

Friday, March 14th 2012 at 6.00 pm, almost 45 new associates gathered in Selasar FEUI for checking things, assignments and waiting for the bus to come. With 4 senior associates, 6 partner, 2 EB and 1 PeSPA, we all depart from Depok at 8.45 pm. Actually, we should depart at 8 pm, but the bus came late, so we have to depart later than it should be. Finally, we arrived at Villa Kav. 34, Coolibah at 11.30 pm. We continued with introducing games until 3.00 am and then sleep.

Tomorrow morning, we started our lovely morning with aerobic, yel-yel, and ice breaking until 8.00 am. Then, every associates with their own group did the cooking contest until 11.00 am and continued with the judging by Rainer, Anton, and Athifah. After lunch and changing clothes, everyone prepare for the training. Training was given to give any material about SPA and soft skills for every new associate. The first training was Organizational that introduced SPA Values, grand design and SPA’s objective for this one period. The second was time management and managing differences by Natasha, David, and Nico. After all of the trainings that have been given, continued with showering and dinner. After that, Sharing Alumni was moderated by Nevelyn at 7.30 pm. After the sharing, continued with talent show, performed by all new associates. The sharing associates were after the talent show and then we all rest.

The next morning, we woke up at 5.30 am to prepare breakfasts, meanwhile all of the committee was gathered for briefing. After breakfast, all of the new associates did the aerobic again, ice breaking, and performed yel-yel for those who lost from the ice breaking. At 7.30 am, everyone was preparing for out bond until all the mentor came at the backyard. All of them were wearing attributes and that was hilarious. There were 6 bases that they need to passed, including bases in the river. The out bond was quite good and it turns out that some groups has already finished at 11.30 pm. At 12.15 pm, all of the new associates gathered at backyard with their eyes closed. Then, Kenneth as Chief SPA, announced all of the new associates that is passed. For those who did not make it (only pretending) was gathered in Villa. Then, EB told everyone to gather at the edge of pool after some new associates asked their partner why there were some people that cannot passed. Some of them spoke out to defend for those who didn’t pass. Kenneth gave some codes that actually everyone was passed and finally almost everyone ended up at the pool.

NCD was closed with the announcement the winner of games, cooking contest, talent show, name tag, yel-yel, and video contest. Then continued with PO Welpar and we all took pictures together.

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